Circular Product Development

How do you work with incorporating the philosophy of circularity in your product development? At Jelmtech we use Function Based Design to look at all critical functions and use cases of a product – including repairs, disassembly and recycling – to make sure we design for circularity.

Modern design philosophies take their stance in customer centric problems, ideating alternative solutions to those problems and a strive to find the best possible way forward. Traditionally the customers in focus are the consumers buying and using the brand new product. So what happens if we treat recycling partners and the repair & refurbish industry as customers as well? In theory we should get a product that consumers want, that is lean to produce, easy to assemble & disassemble, durable enough to be refurbished & re-sold and ultimately is easily recycled to go back into the production loop as raw material.

In what ways does your company work with these aspects today?