Whether you’re looking for hand-drawn sketches, simpler 3D-animations, advanced photo renders or assembly instructions we have the team and the tools to help you convey the message and look-and-feel that you are after.

Visualisering - rendering

Visualisering 4



The market moves fast. Today we can create photorealistic imagery well before the product hits production – imagery that can be used at fairs, in catalogues and in customer presentations. Photo rendering is also a great tool for choosing materials, colors, patterns, transparency, print etc.


Regardless if you want to pitch your product internally or sell it in eternally you need supporting material to convey your message and the product story. We’re happy to help you put together presentation material with images, sketches and relevant information – all to suit your needs.

Assembly instructions

How should all of the parts be assembled into the final product? We put together detailed and easy to use assembly instructions to be used in production. We can also put together other sorts of technical documentation when needed.