Technical Documentation

We can put together detailed step-by-step assembly instructions and user guides  – from the simplest varieties with wire-images based on 3D-modelled details with optional coloring to highlight selected parts or steps to rendered material where the assembly parts can mimic the real parts with materials, surface structures and even high-lights and shadows.

Teknisk dokumentation

Level 1

At the most basic level we offer black and white wire-images directly drawn from 3D models. Normally we use Adobe Illustrator for this.

Level 2

At level two we also color in some or all of the parts in the wire-images. The documentation becomes clearer but normally lacks shadows and gradients. This is also done in Adobe Illustrator.

Level 3

At this level you get a sketch-style documentation that can be made to look like hand drawn sketches. The input for the imagery is from 3D CAD drawings where coloration and shadows are added in Adobe Photoshop. Simpler details are drawn in by free hand.

Level 4

Level four gives you rendered imagery – all to look as realistic as possible. Materials, surface structures, shine, opacity etc. is adjusted for each part and light sources are added to provide a photo-style look.