Project Management

Proper scoping and planning of a development project is key for successful execution. At Jelmtech we look at the entire development process already from the start to allow for smooth execution once the development starts.

For cases where the end goal is not clear we start with a design study or a pre-study to make sure that the customer has the best possible material to base their decisions on. For such projects we only scope and quote the specific design study or pre-study and then when the decision is made which way to go we continue with scoping and planning of the execution – all to be as transparent and fact based as possible in our quotes.


Byline: Martina Thalwitzer


We are well aware of the varying organizational setups of our customers and staff up accordingly on our side. Roles and responsibilities are set jointly to give a clear virtual organization for the project.

Tollgates and milestones

Any successful project needs a few tollgates to verify that we stay on track. When do we sign off on the scope, cost and time plan? When do we have marketing material ready for e.g. fairs? When do we plan to certify the product?

Activity planning

From the goals we’ve set we break down the work into work packages together with the customer. Who is responsible for doing what?

Time plans

Time to market is usually a critical KPI for our customers. Together we set a detailed time plan and throughout the project we monitor and manage deviations to make sure we stay on track.

Budget follow up

Cost consciousness is not only important when designing the products and the manufacturing process. The bottom line of product sales also takes into consideration the development cost. We plan, execute and follow up together with the customer to make sure we stay on track and adjust as needed.

Project planning

The overall project planning is built up of activity plans, time plans and, budget. This gives visibility of the progress and status of the development project. When Jelmtech works with a sub-delivery such as the mechanical development in a larger development project this is an important activity.

Risk analysis

Risks and bottlenecks are continuously monitored, reviewed and discussed to minimize any risk of delays in Time to Market.