Product Optimization

No matter if you need to optimize an existing product or develop a new one we can adjust its mechanical design to best fit the production method. We have numerous examples where shaving of grams in weight and seconds in cycle time has turned into millions in cost savings.

We look at parameters such as number of components, forms, materials, tools etc. The product has to be adjusted to the intended volume scenario as well to be profitable.


Produktoptimering 2

At Jelmtech we have worked with most materials and manufacturing processes. We constantly attend supplier fairs and visit new suppliers to keep our knowledge and supplier base up to date. Our partner network we maintain for you as a customer to ensure that we pick the best suppliers for your needs.

Product optimization and production preparation

Preparing the product for production, purchasing tools, vendor selection and component verification are all key focus areas and potential cost drivers. We help you make the right fact-based choices to get the best possible cost structure for your product.