Measuring and Verification

Efficiency in the development process requires fast and reliable verification and quality assurance of the developed mechanical designs.

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Measuring & Verification

With our measuring tools we can handle most of the complex assignments in-house. By close co-operation between our development team and quality assurance team we ensure the right prioritization in design and verification which leads to greater efficiency and shorter development cycles.

We measure and verify the first samples towards specifications and blueprints. Is the product developed in accordance with the required tolerances for form, function, quality and aesthetics? We are well aware of the pitfalls and we help you put high requirements on the selected vendors to ensure the best possible products coming off the assembly line.

What we offer
  • Verification of initial samples, high volume production sampling, fixtures and scanning
  • Programming in Camio, Metrolog XG and MeasureMind 3D
  • Analysis of distributions and trends in datasets
  • Consultation and advice for measuring & verification
  • Construction of fixtures
Quality Assurance

Measuring protocols and clear quality documentation gives a good baseline towards suppliers. Detailed documentation is the key for low yield production and customer satisfaction.