Industrial Design

At Jelmtech we work with Function Based Design (FBD) where focus is on the products functions. This way of working means that the start of the creative process to design the product is a Function Concept, based on the functions that the customers want, and then the product design is created. During the product development the mechanical design, the material selection, the producibility and the manufacturing process all play an important role in the product design work.

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Idea generation

Your visions can become reality! We are experts at nurturing your ideas and we help you see the possibilities. We have the much-needed courage, experience and ways of working to find clever solutions that further improve your products.

We use different methods of structured brainstorming and our methods often lead to solutions that our customers can patent.

Image boards

A feeling can be hard to share in words and inspiration can come from many different forms of media and impressions. We create a collage of imagery that gives all project members a common view and understanding of what we strive towards with the form, feel and function of the product.

Conceptual sketches

Conceptual sketches say a great deal about the product. We use traditional media such as pen and paper and digital media such as 2D-models and 3D-models. This gives great visibility already at an early stage and can act as a basis for selecting between different design concepts already at an early stage. The result is a clear and structured path to the final physical product.

Ergonomic studies

We have educated specialists in ergonomics and human-machine interaction. We have a human-centric philosophy and design products to fit human behavior and not the other way around. Many of the products we have developed throughout the years have been handheld tools and utilities.

Interaction design

Tactile patterns, selected materials, colors and shapes all tell a story of how to use the product. Sometimes the requirement is to be crystal clear other times not. In close collaboration with our customers we shape the product to interact with the end users in any way you want.

Profile material

How do you profile your company and your products? We ensure alignment with your company guidelines. Color, form, print, fonts, patterns, surfaces – everything comes into play to create a total story around the product that fits well with your current portfolio of products.

Graphical design

We have an experienced team with long experience from working with graphical design. With an eye for layout, typography, color, shapes and geometry we give your product a state of the art finish – well aligned with its purpose.