Concept study

At Jelmtech we look at a projects strengths and weaknesses from an internal point of view and opportunities and threats from an external point of view to ensure we have the best possible starting point for a successful product development project.

All stakeholders that impact or will be impacted by the project are identified.




Analys 2

Requirement specification

To formulate a clear requirement specification is not always easy. We guide you through the pitfalls and together we clarify and specify the project requirements and goals.

End user analysis

Who are the end users? How will they be using the product? What environment will it be used in? All of the attributes impacting the product are determined.

Functional analysis

We analyze and lock down the functions that the product is intended to perform – main functionality, sub-functions and value-add functionality. This together with the end user analysis forms the basis for the projects requirement specification.

Scenario analysis

What will the potential market look like in a few years’ time? In what ways has it changed? How does that impact your product? The scenario analysis is conducted to ensure a long life cycle in the market.

Product life cycle analysis

What environmental impact will the product have during its life cycle? How will the product be recycled, re-used or even refurbished and re-sold? We look at transportation, waste management, manufacturing processes etc.