About us

Jelmtech Product Development was founded back in 1995. We are a consultancy firm specializing in product development and problem solving. Our customers span from large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprizes as well as startups. Some of the industries we work in are medtech, energy, automotive, home appliances, telecom, personal protective equipment and sports & recreation.

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Jelmtech is a creative team of product developers who together have extensive experience in a variety of technical areas.

We are known for our unique plastic knowledge and for our plastic designs. We also work with a variety of other materials and techniques, such as sheet metal, extruded aluminum and other molded goods.

We also offer services such as Industrial Design, visualization, complex structural analysis with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), product optimization and production process fine tuning for high volume production with maximum efficiency.


“To be known as a dynamic, creative and modern partner, who is considered to have the best plastic designers in Sweden.”


“With our unique plastic competence, broad knowledge of technology and joy of innovation, bring the Scandinavian industry value-added complete solutions within product development.”


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